The shooting for the film 'Uyirile Kalanthathu' is moving at a fast pace in Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore among other places. Starring Surya and Jyotika (the team from 'Poovellam Kettuppar') the film is directed by debutant K.R. Jaya. And it is the first production venture of Abayambika films. Sivakumar who was the manager to 'Shivashakti' Pandiyan (for films like 'Kadhal Kottai') produces his first independent venture and also plays a crucial role in the film.

Surya plays the role of a medical college student and Jyotika is his girl. Surya's father's role is played by his father in real life, Sivakumar, while Raghuvaran plays his elder brother. Surya is the pampered youngest son of the family and this gives much heartburn to elder brother Raghuvaran. This sibling rivalry begins from childhood when the elder brother pinches his baby brother just to see him cry. The jealousy grows into adulthood. Raghuvaran's character takes on a sadistic turn and his whole aim in life is to see that Surya's life is beset with problems, thanks to him. And when he discovers the love between Surya and Jyotika he passes on the word to Jyotika's elder brother who is a known rowdy around the area. The move backfires, for the girl's brother is quite thrilled to have a doctor in the family. The rest of the film is nothing but the moves made by a desperate, sadistic Raghuvaran to make a mess of his brother's life. Simple and innocent Surya is quite oblivious of the goings on till it is too late. A desperate Raghuvaran even pushes Surya over the cliff edge and the suspense is carried on.

Mysore was the venue for the shooting of some crucial scenes. It was a scene where the lead pair had some quiet moments in a cafe. Priya and Surya indulge in sweet nothings in a café when Shiva, a known rowdy and Priya's elder brother, enter the café. He is shocked to see his sister with a strange guy, but changes his mind about confronting the duo and returns home. Priya, not knowing that her brother had discovered her secret, returns home too. And for her it is only the memories of the sweet moments that she had spent with Surya. It is song time, and Priya bursts into a song. While Surya plays Surya, producer Sivakumar plays Shiva and Priya is Jyotika. Yet another scene of a fight sequence between Surya and stunt master Kanal Kannan was picturised. Surya and Priya go to see the film 'Kadhal Kottai'. And when they come out of the theatre some rowdies - the henchmen of the girl's brother confront them. They taunt Surya and assault him, and he gives them back blow for blow, till they all scatter and run away. This scene was shot in a theatre watched by a big crowd. The rowdy element was none other than stunt master, Kanal Kannan.

Canning the shots was cinematographer R. Selva. Deva set to tune the lyrics penned by Vairamuthu. The star cast also includes Radhika, Ramji, Rani, Chaplin Balu, Chinny Jayant, Balaji, Kovai Sarala, Vengaya Balan and Vyapuri. K.R. Jaya, apart from wielding the megaphone, also writes the story dialogue and the screenplay.