1999 was not a good year for Vijay, with only one of his four films tasting box-office success. So the actor is treading carefully in the selection of his subjects. "Khushi' released recently brought the actor out of his bad-luck phase. One of the films Vijay has on the floors is 'Priyamanavale', and paired with him is Simran. Radhika Choudhry plays a crucial role. Also in the cast are Delhi Ganesh, SPB, Thalaivasal Vijay and Kazan Khan. Vivek writes his own comedy track, which includes Vyapuri too.

Directing the film is K.Selvabharathi, who has also penned the screenplay and dialogue. The director had earlier wielded the megaphone for the Vijay-Devayani-Rambha starrer 'Ninaithen Vandhay'. 'Priyamanavale' is the remake of a very successful Telugu film (Pavitra Bandham) and has already been remade in Hindi and Kannada. It centers round a wealthy youth who agrees to a live with a girl for a year, within which time he will decide whether he likes the girl enough to marry her. Simran, a poor girl, agrees to the arrangement. But after a year, the youth rejects her saying that he could not marry her, or even think of living as man and wife, since they had been moving as friends. Then the youth falls sick and the girl nurses him back to health. He is naturally impressed enough now to think of marrying her.

A scene was shot at the airport in Chennai, in which Vijay, Vivek, and Vyapuri took part. Vijay is returning from the US after completing his studies. Receiving him are friends Chandru and Stepney. Vijay is overjoyed at seeing them. He opens his baggage and hands out a bottle of champagne to Chandru and a bottle of perfume to Stepney. Stepney is not happy and mishearing 'champagne' as 'shampoo', he says he wants the 'shampoo' and snatches it from Chandru's hand. "Shampoo?" asks a puzzled Vijay and Chandru says, "It's my mistake taking this illiterate guy around with me. He doesn't even know the difference between 'champagne' and 'shampoo'." The by-standers burst out laughing. The scene was canned by cinematographer R.Selva.

S.A.Rajkumar sets to tune the lyrics penned by Vali. Vijay, who sings a song in every one of his films, sings one here too. It will be filmed on him and Radhika Choudhry. The stunt choreography is by Shiva. Produced by C.Venkatraja and G.Shivaji for Geeethachitra International, the shooting for the film is planned to be completed in a single schedule.