Partibhan teams up with popular Malayalam actress Divya Unni in 'Shabash'. Divya had entered the Tamil film scene with a role in 'Kannan Varuvan', where she was paired with Kartik. Apart from 'Shabash' with Partibhan, Divya has a film with Satyaraj and another with Murali. Partibhan these days is seen in films with double-hero subjects. But 'Shabash' is one film where the actor plays the sole hero. The film is written and directed by K. Subhash, whose last film was 'Ezheyin Sirippil', the Prabhu Deva-Kausalya-Roja starrer, which Subhash had directed for the same banner that is producing this film. Ranjit, Vivek Anu Mohan, Anandaraj, Pandu, Delhi Ganesh and Nandakumar form the supporting cast. Camerawork is by Ilavarasu and music is by Deva.

The film is produced by Lakshmiraja for Sudhalakshmi pictures. After a shooting stint at Ooty, the unit left for Kenya where a song sequence was shot for five days. The song was picturised on the film's leading pair Partibhan and Divya Unni. The song was recorded earlier in Chennai with director Subhash himself penning the lyrics and Krishnaraj lending his voice. The situation leading to the song was picturised on Partibhan, Murthy and Divya Unni. Murthy plays a marriage broker, who after searching around for the ideal girl for Cheenu to marry, zeroes in on the comely Shanti. He takes Cheenu to Shanti's house. Cheenu is eager to see the girl and she enters the room with a cup of coffee in her hands. With lowered head he watches her feet as she draws nearer. "I will lift my head and see her when she hands me the cup", he muses. But it starts raining and a drop falls in his eye. As he wipes it away and looks up, he finds the moment has passed. She has given the cup and gone away. Cheena leaves the house feeling let down. He pesters the broker to get him a photo of the girl. The broker goes into the house and emerges with the photo of a girl in school uniform. To Cheenu's shocked look, he explains, "This is all they have". Seeing the smiling schoolgir, Cheenu fantasises about his future wife and bursts into song.

Yet another scene was shot on the lead pair, who are now married and in a state of domestic bliss. It is Cheenu's turn to cook and keep house. After eating his spicy cooking, Shanti has a stomach problem and is writhing in pain, Cheenu rings up the doctor. The doctor being away, his wife suggests a cure: rub some oil on her tummy, which Cheenu is quite happy to do. While Partibhan plays Cheenu, Divya Unni is Shanti. Says Divya Unni about her role in 'Shabash', "I play a woman who is forthright and plain spoken, who believes in telling her husband all about her past life. And expects him to be truthful too. It is a role I enjoy playing".