The shooting schedule is almost over for the Vijayakant starrer 'Vallarasu' and the film is scheduled for an April 14th release. Directed by S. Maharajan who also pens the story, screenplay and the dialogue the film has cinematography by Saravanan and music by Deva. Vairamuthu writes the lyrics for the movie.

A scene shot was of Vijayakant and Devayani at a jewellery shop in T.Nagar in Chennai. The scene depicts the deep bond between the police commissioner Vallarasu and his headstrong wife Devaiyani. Vallarasu had promised his wife that he would get her a necklace for her birthday. He had asked her to wait at a jewellery shop where he would meet her after he had finished with his work. But the day was a busy one for the cop, and the matter had slipped his mind. And when he remembered and rushed to the shop much later, he found his wife, anger writ large on her face, sitting in front of the shop. The shop people were hovering around her timidly not knowing how to placate her. Vallarasu calls the driver to his car, and asks him to hand over the cell phone to his wife. And then he calls her on the phone and apologises to her for his late arrival. But Anjali, his wife, throws away the cell phone in anger. Vallarasu slowly gets down from the car limping. Anjali seeing his leg bandaged forgets her ire and rushes to her husband. And a triumphant Vallarasu exchanges smiles with the driver. His ruse had worked. Yet another scene was of Anjali realising how she had been duped, and of Vallarasu pacifying his wife. The matter done, the duo bursts into a song. The song was picturised near Pollachi and with the lead pair there were about 100 dancers. And choreographing the dance was dance master Haridas.

The star cast has Director Vasu donning make-up for a role. He plays the main villain, a businessman who indulges in anti-social activities. And playing his son is Richard from New Zealand. A lavish set was erected at the A.V.M. Studios where a stunt scene was picturised between Vijayakant and Richard. Some stunt scenes were picturised between Vijayakant and Richard. Some stunt artistes who played as Richard's henchmen, also participated in the shot. There is Livingston who plays a CBI Officer in the film. The role is tinged with comedy (Can Livingston play it in any other way?) Incidentally Livingston had made his acting debut a decade back, as a villain in 'Poonthotta Kaval Kaaran' Vijayakant's home production.

'When soldiers die in a war like the recent Kargil war, we rightfully mourn their deaths. But when a duty-conscious police officer loses his life fighting against anti-social elements, no one sheds tears. This film depicts the hurdles an honest, gutsy police officer faces in his line of duty, and makes the public aware of the dangers a cop faces to his life, so that the life of the common man can be safe; says the director. The film is produced by Satish under the banner Captain Cine Creations. Apart from Chennai, shooting locations were at New Delhi and Kulu Manali. The film also stars Mansuralikhan, Raghuvaran, Livingston, Charlie, Thyagu, Karan, Ambika, Thalaivasal Vijay, Kazan Khan, Shriman, Charulata, and Bombay's villain Mukesh Rishi who had given such a good account of himself in the Aamir starrer 'Sarfarosh.