Vijai's Answers


                    Question: What do you think is the reason for the failure of the film "Kannukkul Nilavu" which had earlier been highly expected by you?

                    Answer: Upto now, I have never done so much home work by way of preparation for any other film as I did for this particular one... Whenever I returned home from that film's shooting, I really felt myself changed into the very hero character itself, known in the film by the name Gautham Prabahar! That character's impact always followed me like a shadow in my real life also, in my mental states of loneliness and peace! In the film I performed that role taking great risks because for the first time I had been assigned with such a different sort of role altogether! I already I have worked with Fazil sir in "Kaathalukku Mariyaathai". I did in "Kannukkul Nilavu" what exactly he taught me to do. But when the film got released the truth came to light that it (the film) couldn't satisfy the audience

                    As the same team viz: Fazil sir, Ilayaraja sir, Shalini and myself re-united for "Kannukkul Nilavu", there was greater expectation among the audience. After it's release, when I went to see the film in some of the theatres, the audience very much enjoyed my acting. But most of them couldn't digest my role as a mentally affected person. Having understood this, I decided to do hereafter only what's actually expected of me by the audience!

                  Question: Even in "Kushi", there prevails the very influence of the selfsame Gautham Prabahar's character role of "Kannukkul Nilavu"! Didn't you notice that?

                  Answer: I have done "Kannukkul Nilavu", by myself  living out the life of Gautham Prabahar for about 70 or 80 days! That character's impact was there in my inner mind. Is it possible to wipe out those impressions all on a sudden? It was at that juncture that "Kushi" film's shooting schedule started. I got committed in "Kushi" even before the completion of "Kannukkul Nilavu"'s  work. So that particular role's impact might have lingered on to be present in two or three scenes of "Kushi" also! I accept your view.

                 Question: Apart from it, Jothiga's character role seems to appeal as a more powerful one than your's in "Kushi" Why?

                 Answer: In fact, Jothiga has been portrayed as a very shrewd person in the film. Her gracefulness, mischief, intelligence, acting , dancing etc. reflect fast time sense! So her character would naturally be liked by all. My character role too is an important one in the film! Yet, if you review the entire film, it would be seen that Jothiga has excelled me in acting!

                 Question: In the "Kattippudi....Kattippudidaa" song, you have paired with Mumtaj and both of you have performed in a very close and intimate manner! There's every chance that it might make the women audience raise their eyebrows as a token of their disaproval. Is that song necessary?

                Answer: Only you ask such a question. The women audience of mine actually tell me that a notable highlight of "Kushi" is none else than the "Kattippudi...Kattippudi" song! What do you say about this? So many people might exclaim: "How sexy a song sequence is this!" Yet they go to the theatre and enjoy this song like anything! Many of the audiences actually say that they like to see the film once again merely to view this particular song scene! Tastes differ.

              Question: In the climax scene, you press your lips against those of Jothiga and indulge in the act of kissing. Didn't your wife object to it?

                Answer: (Smiles) Even before acting in that scene I had told my wife Sangeetha about it! Only with her (wife) permission I did indulge in lip-kiss! The very title of the film itself is "Kushi". So to say, the audience could be attracted to the theatre only when the film is saturated with interesting matters! As per the director S.J.Sury's discretion there's kissing scene in the climax scene. The audience who come out of the theatre keep talking only about that particular scene! This remains one of the reasons for the success of the film. You seem to ask this question thinking that only I myself opted to kiss Jothiga! Already in my father S.A.Chandrasekaran's direction I have given lip- kiss to the respective heroine of the following films: "Senthoora Pandi", "Rasigan", "Deva" and "Vishnu".

                    Question: Won't this practice of your acting in so many number of films, diminish the grace that the audience feel towards you.

                   Answer: It has never been a practice of mine to release my films in a row without allowing sufficient time-gap between one film and the other. If you take this month into account, you can find that only "Kannukkul Nilavu" and "Kushi" have been released in a span of 8 months! So, I continue to enjoy the same level of rapport among the audience.

                   Presently I'm acting in "Priyamanavalae", a family subject film! It's expected to be released on Deepawali day. K.Selvabharathi is directing this film. I act  in woman's get-up in a scene, which (get-up) is my first-ever venture in a film. Next, I do act in the film "Friends", in Siddique's direction. In this, my my original friend Surya, co-acts with me! Earlier, we had teamed together in "Naerukku Naer"! In Azhagam Perumal's direction I pair with Simran in "Udhaya". Apart from these three, I act in Vikraman's direction in a film produced by 'Lakshmi Movie Makers'. In Ravi's direction, I act in "Shajakhan", to be produced by 'Super Good Films'. Telugu superhit "Thambudu", gets remade into Tamil, in which I act in Arun Prasad's direction. Presently, I have been committed only in these 6 films!